Thursday, March 26, 2015

design blog

There are many ways why almost every person is a designer. You can be a designer because of how you dress or how you do something in a class or even how you make your character in a video games. Everyday we are doing that makes us a designer and we dont even notice. Everyone is designer in a certain way.

Design affects a readers experience very drastically By how they read an article. Without any design it boring you wouldn't be interested in the article at all you would just want to flip the page.  Your eyes wouldn't have anything to look at they would just be wondering. Design can make a spread truly interesting and can really catch readers eyes to stick to your spread and read it. If you pick up a magazine and flip through all the pages you can really see how a good design can affect a spread. A good designer will know how people look at there spread and know where to put something to catch your attention and to keep it so you view the whole page and not just parts. The right design elements can make a amazing page.

Everything we see is designed by a designer. When you walk into a classroom at our school you may not notice but 3 wall are white and 1 is blue. This is so you dont feel trapped in the room. There is alot a thought and design put into things you may not even notice. When designers are creating something they think of all the aspects of there creation even by colors they use because they affect how you think. Such as red being a productive color and yellow making you feel a sort of happiness. This link talks about how colors affect how you think. It suggest where to use certain colors n your house and what for really interesting i think. That link just talks about how simple designs affect our lifes shows everything is designed adn how it affects our daily life.

I feel i am or would not be a good designer because i feel like i cant completely create my own design. I feel i have to start somewhere and i cant start completely from scratch. I just dont have the ability to do so or the imagination. Even it was for a magazine or something i cant think or figure out a way to keep someones attention or where to place things well. I feel like when im designing something i need like guidelines or someone to tell me what to create.

This spread is a truely good design feel pictures all around the article in it to keep your attention bold red letters to get your eyes on the other text. I think this is a truely good design.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Choice blog
I dont believe what the old folks say. I think its something great. The internet has so many things and can open so many doors for people and expand peoples ways of thinking. It helps people in many ways and makes lifes better. It can teach you how to do almost anything. When i cant figure out my math or chemistry i go to the internet. Its almost a second teacher. You can go to google and itll give you steps how to do the type of problem or go to youtube and have an actual person showing you how to do it. It is truly amazing how many good things the internet brings.  The internet just has so many to help people from Making food to putting a computer together. I remember my brother bought computer parts online and built himself all from using the internet. Its really cool to see someone learn something so cool from the internet. This a guide how to build computer. Its awesome that anyone that has access to internet can learn or figure how to do something like build a computer. this links shows the pros and cons of the internet. The internet isnt just good. It brings bad as well. But i feel its is easily avoid able.

It is great that we have all these choices. It makes life so much more exciting to be able to choose your own unique path or something that alot of people arnt doing. People doing the same thing as the people before them and after is dumb. Like sports for an example. When my parents were growing up it was all about hockey and i played but i didnt enjoy it that much so i choose to play lacrosse. A sport id much rather play and love. Back in there day they didnt have the choice to play it most likely and i do now and im very lucky to have the choice to play almost any sport i want or do anything i want. I could be in robotics if i wanted to or even play rugby its awesome all the choices we have today.  This link shows the growth of lacrosse in the past years. And its amazing the amount it has grown in the past years. Its just shows all the choices opening up.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Future of journalism blog

  for what i come to understand about newspapers right now is that it seems as people think they are disappearing and going obsolete. But if i remember correctly i think you actually said they there sale rates have increased by 2 percent or so. But it feels like they are disappearing because of all the new technology. I cant remember the last time i read a newspaper to be honest. I cant even read longer than 5 mins anymore with out having to quit reading because of boredom. It just seems that are generation wont keep newspapers around but the older generations will until there gone.

  I feel like have I been finding good news due to social media. My twitter feed has alot of news. Like i was at my dads house Sunday and as soon as the terrorist threat on MOA happened i heard about. I clicked on the link and i could read about or watch a news report on it. It shared the previous history of the the terrorist group about how they attacked the mall in Kenya last year and how they threatened other malls such the one in Canada. So they shared all the information about the threat and gave some background on them so to me that was some good news.

  I feel like the job of the reporter is changing by how quick they report something and how they report it. By this i mean if there is some sort of sports game like a hockey. A person would like constant updates of the game things like time remaining, shots on goal and the score and things like that. I know I follow rob laplante for his great updates of big games when i dont attend. I also feel when an journalist is writing an article they are trying to give the most information in the least amount of time. So to tell you the whole story and keep interesting in a short amount of words and time.

  A big struggle i would have with selling newspapers is probably keeping people attention when reading and having good true stories. If other people are anything they get bored easy. When i come across a newspaper i stop reading right away cause i think its boring. Also selling a newspaper for a good price because i feel like you sell newspapers for so cheap you dont make hardly any money, I feel like its alot of work for little income. Like a newspaper a day is insane i could not make a quality article or articles that interesting everyday.
     In the future newspaper company are gonna struggle with selling them because i feel like are generation and younger lose there attention really fast when it comes to reading because we are just really used to videos and things speaking to us with all the technology we have now. I dont i would ever purchase a newspaper in the future unless i didnt have a phone or something.

   For the future max and I are doing a series of articles on buffalo. Are first article is about tourism which we have done and all the pictures of the buffalo's. But max wants to create some map or something. Are second article we've started is about the restaurants we have in buffalo than for are future articles were planing on doing one about the parks. one on the lakes. And another on the antique shops. And are last one will be on hotels most likely.

 I dont feel that reporting and news are dying. I think parts of it are dying but its heading in a new direction. By this i mean with all the new technology coming and things like that there will be alot of new ways to reports things and share news.

Reflection:  heres a link to our project

1. For our project we did the newsapp. I gave the idea about the main purpose of our app. It was to have 5 sections Popular, recent, high rated, and some others that they decided. I thought that there was some better ideas for the icons but they thought different.  I think i can improve on talking to my whole group more and just communicating more.

2 I learned from the project on how to create a app on photoshop. Trevor did a really great job with app. He made it look amazing and taught me a little bit about it.

3. For something i could do different i would pick a group of people i get along with so we can share ideas better.

4. For the future it would just make overall project better because sharing are ideas would make a better project and a better experience overall.

5. this is another groups project. thought it was very cool and unique idea. I liked how it was on a bathroom door or something. Sounds kinda cool and fun to use.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

1. I think journalism will disappear on newspaper sometime in the future. There is already so many other ways to get your news. Just by going on your phone or computer. Its alot faster and at no expense. But I still think newspaper will be around until are generations grows old. I think news tv stations will always be a thing because i think people will always just like the fact that they can turn there tv and have a reliable source to tell them whats going on and everything in the world. Also the fact that someone is commentating it for you so you dont have to read it.   This link shows top 10 reasons why newspapers are dying. the top 3 reasons there are same reasons I list up there. It just kinda shows that it is true and is happening and others know it or agree with me . This link talks about how cable news is dying. But it doesn't even talk about it dying. its just untrue.

2. With everything that people are writing now days. with there phones or computers and putting online. If its for a class or for there own wanting. I guess technically it journalism. But i dont think so. To be a journalist i feel like it takes alot more. Like if your just some random 10 year old and your writing paper about tiger woods and half of everything you say is false. I would say that is not journalism not even close. I feel for someone to be able to say there a journalist or for someone to call them journalist they have to be skilled. By this I  mean they have to be able to get the truth about things. Make it interesting fun to read. catch people attention. Like if your writing a profile on someone you have to make the words and how you write your profile interesting. Like if the persons life is interesting that wont make your article interesting.  And just generally be a good writer. I would not even call myself a journalist. Not even close. Because i know that i am not very good writer and there is alot of improvement to be made just from practicing and getting experience. But from person to person to be journalist is a different meaning. This Link talks about how journalist write. like they all write this way. But all journalist have different styles of writing and interesting people.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

1. To me the truth is something that you believe but also comes with fact. Its something that happens. But for it to be really be the truth i feel like you have to experience the moment. Truth can be shown by pictures or statistics but i feel it isnt the whole truth. Like something is missing. You have to experience it to get the whole truth.

2. All journalist should know that the truth is hard to get its hard to find. They should know that just because someone in an interview says it or the the internet says something doesnt make it true, maybe partly but not completely. 

3. By being loyal to the truth your taking and it and not changing it or making it more interesting by changing something. you report what actually happened. Like thoughts of journalist will take someones interview and "misquote" them to make it more interesting and get more attention on the subject. for example this article talks about athletes being misquoted. 

4. High school journalist can report the truth by digging deep into the story to find the truth. You have to want to find the truth and be interested in the story or whatever your doing.